Klingon Opera Comes to the Netherlands[Video]

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The Klingon Opera, simply titled “u” will make its debut in the Netherlands this September. It took over three years to bring the show to the stage. At this year’s Fedcon,“u” creator Floris Schönfeld reminded con goers of the importance of opera to the Klingon race. Schönfeld worked with the original creator of the Klingons on Star Trek, Mark Orkrand.

Fascination with Klingons

The Klingons are a warrior race featured on every version of Star Trek going back to the original. Often they were pitted against Capt. Kirk as enemies. In later series they would be allies and main cast members. The most famous being Commander Worf of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Many fans will go to cons dressed in Klingon Costumes. There is an official language that some have learned to speak.

Klingons and Opera

In “Star Trek: The Next Generation” we are introduced to the concept of the Klingon love for opera. This was a trait that could not be introduced in the original series where they were villains. Only on “Next Generation” did we have a Klingon character with background that needed to be filled out. The idea of Klingon opera was also developed on “Star Trek:Deep Space Nine” were many characters were found discussing references to the genre.

Here is a snippet of “u” the first Klingon Opera? Would you see an off Broadway version? Tell us in the comments!

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