Knife Hidden in Woman’s Vagina

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Two women who were investigated for fighting ended up being arrested for hiding drugs on their bodies. In one woman, law enforcement found a knife hidden in her vagina.

What happened was, a deputy saw Whitney Noelle Krimmel in what he thought was a fight with another woman sometime after 3am on Sunday morning. He called a female deputy to come pat them down after he noticed they were increasingly nervous about his presence.

Turned out the deputy recognized Krimmel from a prior offense and proceeded to pat her down. Krimmel, genius that she is, had more than 350 prescription pills in her purse. Her friend was also searched and had more than 300 prescription pills on her, as well.

You could say Krimmel’s cohort was either smarter or dumber than she, depending on your viewpoint. You see, the other woman began to feel sick, so she was transported to the hospital. There, hospital staff found a knife and more drugs hidden in the corpulent con’s rolls of stomach fat. A second knife was also found stuck up her vagina.

Now, you might think that hiding a knife in one’s girly parts isn’t the wisest thing to do. But who’s to say it wasn’t a folding knife, or a really blunt knife? Since photos of said knife weren’t made available to the public, the best anyone can do at this point is speculate.

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