Kobe Bryant Divorce – Likely He’ll Get Wife Back?

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Kobe Bryant is getting a divorce from his wife, Vanessa, and a poll on TMZ asked its readers if they believe the NBA star player will get his wife back? Ever since 2003, Vanessa has stood by her husband when he was charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Colorado. She stuck by him during a scandalous time, will she change her mind this time although she filed divorce papers?

Of the 89 percent of the 47,000 readers polled voted they don’t believe Vanessa will go back and 11 percent said no way she’s changing her mind. Was it stupid of Kobe Bryant not to have a prenup drawn up? Naturally, of the 48,000 readers polled, 69 percent thought it was stupid while 11 percent thought it wasn’t.

Since no prenup was written up between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant in their 10 and a half year marriage, Vanessa gets half of everything he has. She’s living in their Newport Coast mansion in Orange County and will get spousal support on top of that. Kobe is worth about $150 million. Vanessa is going to come out pretty good in this divorce. Why would she go back?

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