Kobe Bryant: Weird Procedure in Germany

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Is the heart of the Los Angeles Lakes falling apart…or going bonkers? The last few seasons have not been the best, health-wise, for Kobe Bryant. Weird measures were taken in Germany to help his aching knee.

Although weird, Kobe Bryant is open to less popular procedures to maximize his career in the NBA. This innovative treatment involves a platelet-rich plasma therapy. The blood Kobe Bryant 8is centrifuged and platelet and growth factors are isolated. The mixture is then injected into the patient’s injured area to speed-up the healing process.

Kobe seems fed up with so many procedures to his right knee. Last July, he had surgery to his knee to “remove specified loose bodies,” according to FanNation, an SI.com newtork site.

These procedures are not scientifically proven and they are costly, but this is likely not a problem for multi-millionaire Kobe Bryant. Weird as it is, this treatment occurred about a month ago. An ESPN source confirmed this on Thursday, June 30th, however. It has shown some success in lab animals – shown to speed up tissue growth.

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