Koch Industries Tops Scott Walker Boycott List

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Opponents of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are calling for a boycott of the Republican’s top campaign contributors. Number one on the list: Koch Industries.

David and Charles Koch’s contributed $43,000 to Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign through their company’s Political Action Committee (PAC). The Koch brothers also founded Americans for Prosperity, the group behind the Stand With Walker astroturf campaign. Walmart also made the boycott list published by BoycottWalker.com. Walmart PAC donated $15,000 to Walker’s election campaign.

A new Facebook cause dubbed “Boycott Scott Walker Contributors” has been liked by 9,410 people to date. The cause was mentioned in Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel yesterday.

Boycotting Walmart might be easy, but Koch Industries is a different story. The Koch brothers have their hands in everything from oil to coal shipping, so unless you are ready to stop driving and using electricity, your money will probably end up in their dirty little fingers at some point down the line.


Photo of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker from Wikipedia Commons

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