Koolickles A Southern Comfort

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Today at Angel’s Author’s Cafe
we are enjoying Southern Comfort foods and we are serving up koolickles…  Well, a few folks are not familiar with this Southern delicacy so I said I would explain all.

A koolickle is basically a cherry flavored dill pickle….  or a dill pickle made into a cherry flavored bread and butter pickle…  Well, they are hard to explain…. but very easy to make…. and a truly unique flavor….

Of course, down South we make a lot of pickles… when the cukes make on the vine… there are a lot of them and pickles are a great way to save them…. with fresh dill weed from the garden… yummmm…

So take a quart of your homemade dill pickles… or store bought, if that is what you have and drain off the pickling brine from the pickles… don’t throw it away…  put it in a bowl or a clean jar….  I like the jar, as I can shake it up that way…  add to it 1/4 cup of sugar…. plain sugar…. and one package of unsweetened cherry Koolaide…  put the lid on the jar and shake it up until the sugar the Koolaide powder are dissolved in the pickling brine….  Then pour the brine back over the pickles… put the lid on and store them in the back of your fridge for a couple of weeks….  Some people like more sugar and if you like your pickles sweet… you can always add more… but I don’t like too sweet a pickle or a koolickle… so I use just this much sugar…

In two or three weeks, your pickles will be bright red and have a wonderful cherry dill pickle flavor….   You have turned your pickles into koolickles…



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