Kortne Stouffer Believed to be ‘Forcefully Restrained’ in Car

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Was Kortne Stouffer “forcefully restrained” in a car belonging to Milton Rodriguez Jr.? It’s being reported that a new search warrant has been revealed focusing on the idea that Stouffer was abducted—and possibly by someone she was partying with the night of her mysterious disappearance. Last Friday, a car and home used by the Rodriguez and the man who stayed the night with Kortne were searched. This mystery man’s name has finally been confirmed to be Cody Pruett. The warrant is focusing on these two men, but it has been sealed.

The father of Milton Rodriguez Jr. claims that Cody Pruett took a polygraph test and even allowed officials to search him for signs of an altercation. He’s also offered his DNA to be used in this investigation. Is it possible that he is innocent and telling the truth about the night he stayed with Kortne Stouffer? The father of Rodriguez also tried to assert the role of an investigator himself when he insisted their behavior would be different had they taken part in an abduction of the missing Palmyra woman.

“I know Cody and I know my son you would see something different a smoking pattern, or eating pattern if they had anything in this. You’d see something different,” he said.

Well, why not leave this investigation to the professionals, because they obviously have reason to believe that the two men may at least know what happened to Kortne. If they’re not involved, hopefully detectives investigate the possibility that drugs were involved as a former roommate of the missing woman claims that she and boyfriend Brad H. were involved in the sales of marijuana.

Of course, some who claim to know Kortne and her boyfriend are trying to negate the significance of this information simply because it’s marijuana, but the fact of the matter is that victimology is absolutely necessary when building a profile of an unsolved case. What if someone wanted some weed and money, and knowing that Kortne had the goods, sought out to take what they wanted? Maybe they thought Kortne was out, but when they found out she was home, the crime of theft escalated into something far worse? This is just speculation, but it’s useful speculation in determining what may have happened to this missing woman.

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