Kortne Stouffer Update: Theories and Conflict

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The Kortne Stouffer case remains unsolved with the 21-year-old woman still missing under suspicious circumstances. Over the past couple of days, the comments coming from Palmyra have been interesting, to say the least. As reported yesterday, a friend of the missing woman, Jessica Leaton, claims that Kortne had stormed out of the bar after an altercation with a woman in the establishment. Leaton speculated that she may or may not have been “thrown out of the bar” before heading home—where she fought with her neighbors until the cops were called.

That isn’t the only update, though. It seems that there is some conflict going on between the Stouffer family attorney and the police force investigating this disappearance. Nevermind that it’s strange of the family to have lawyered up in the first two weeks with the attorney known for representing Jerry Sandusky; focus on the fact that District Attorney Dave Arnold thinks the guy is harming more than helping. The attorney called the DA out on allegedly not using all of the resources available to them in this case, but the DA fired back at him:

We’ve had assistance from State Police from the very beginning. He [Karl Rominger] is doing a disservice to his clients and his community, and it’s irresponsible.

The DA also claimed to have reached out to the FBI in regard to the search for the missing “hippy girl.”

What happened to Kortne Stouffer?

All conflict aside, the friend of the missing woman may have revealed something more helpful than she realizes. It’s news that Kortne was fighting with a woman at the bar. It set the tone for the last night she was seen and may have very well led to her mysterious disappearance. Is it at all possible that this mystery woman followed her home or even knew where she lived already? While the neighbor seems suspicious for not answering police like Kortne didn’t, it’s bizarre to hear about how horrible of a night the woman was allegedly having. Consider the following:

Perhaps the woman Kortne argued/fought with at the bar (leading her to possibly being thrown out) knew where she lived or knew someone who knew where she lived. This is an area where it’s easy for crowds to intermingle, so it’s not unheard of for people to know one another in regions like Palmyra and surrounding communities. Maybe this woman followed her, or in her anger, went to her home sometime in the early morning hours to finish what had been started.

Keep in mind that Kortne presumably left while barefooted, leaving behind her phone and other belongings. Could it at all be possible that this mystery woman, or even the neighbor, lured her outside somehow where she was abducted and then taken somewhere to be murdered? There are cases where women have perpetrated such crimes like the abduction and murder of Michelle Le out of California. After she had been missing for a few months, police in California arrested Giselle Esteban, a woman who had mothered the child of a friend of Michelle. In a jealous rage, she kidnapped and murdered the nursing student before disposing of her body in a rural area. She’s sitting in jail awaiting trial as this is written.

Could anything like this had happened to Kortne Ciera Stouffer?

There is also the possibility that drugs and a party lifestyle may have been involved. It’s only speculation, but a young woman dabbling in the hippy culture could be exposed to many things she shouldn’t be, especially at a young and impressionable age like 21. A woman who claims to have lived with the missing woman and her boyfriend publicly claimed that she had been dealing in marijuana sales. She said this in direct response to a comment made by Wendy Stouffer, the missing woman’s mother!

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