‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami’ Recap January 20: Cleaning Cat Poop and Dissing Kris Humphries

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The Kourtney and Kim Take Miami premiere was bound to be packed full of Kardashian craziness but apparently the girls are taking Miami by storm on this season of the popular E! reality show.

Kourtney and Kim graced Miami with their presence to revamp the Miami DASH store. In the opener, you can hear Kourtney’s son, Mason, say “I love Miami and life!” which is just adorable. He’s definitely a future reality star in the making.

Apparently, Kourtney has banned Scott Disick from coming to Miami because he can’t control himself when he is there and it only brings back bad memories. Kim and Khloe are pushing for Scott to come to Miami since it’s a lot of work for Kourtney to handle two babies on her own — with only the seemingly incapable Kim for help.

Of course, Kim and Khloe have to start off the show by bashing Kris Humphries. It’s obvious that both girls are trying to make him feel bad and also make him think about going through with the (longest divorce ever) sooner.

Khloe doesn’t understand either of her sisters. She says she doesn’t understand how Kim is so calm about her divorce and she doesn’t understand how Kourtney is so calm about Scott not being in Miami.

In this episode, viewers also see Kanye gift Kim her little kitten, Mercy, who everyone already knows dies a few months later. But at least viewers get the chance to see Kim attempt to have a baby (even if it’s an animal) and attempt to clean it’s bum when it poops. It’s kind of ridiculous to walk around Miami with a cat in your arms — and you know that if a normal person did that they’d look insane — but this is Kim Kardashian, so anything goes. The funny thing is that she says anything messy freaks her out, so how is she going to handle a baby? It definitely seems as though she is hinting that she’s expecting in this episode!

The main point of the episode seems to be DASH and how bad it looks. Kourtney threatens to shut it down and fire everyone, which is reasonable seeing as the store looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.

All in all, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami is the usual Kardashian craziness of over-the-top drama and sisterly antics.

Did you watch the episode? What did you think?

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