Kourtney Kardashian Can’t Control the Uncontrollable Scott Disick

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Kourtney Kardashian just can’t seem to reign Scott Disick in. The father of two has reportedly angered the Kardashian family once again after he decided to go to Vegas to smoke and drink instead of attending a family photo shoot.

Since Scott has been with Kourtney for so long and has two children with her, he should realize that he is part of the family now, but apparently Scott once again put “work” over his family commitments.

According to reports, Scott skipped the family Christmas card shoot—a tradition in the Kardashian household—to go to Vegas, where he was spotted smoking, drinking and looking miserable.

“When Kourtney told Kris that Scott wasn’t going to make it to the shoot, Kris began raising her voice. She couldn’t believe how disrespectful it was. Kim added he obviously didn’t care,” a source said to In Touch.

Obviously, Scott doesn’t want to be a part of the family tradition this year. His reluctance to attend should make Kourtney Kardashian wonder where his priorities lie.

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