Kourtney Kardashian Has a B.O. Problem in New Sneak Peek Clip

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Kourtney Kardashian has a bit of a problem with body order in a new preview for Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. This clip has several things you will see in the new season of the show which starts tonight on E! with another episode airing tomorrow.

It starts out with Kim Kardashian talking about her egg levels and fertility. She is very concerned that she might not be able to get pregnant, but everyone knows that she is pregnant now so everything is just fine with her. It is interesting to see how it all came about for her.

The best part of the clip has Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick hanging out. They are talking about how Kourtney smells awful all the time. She doesn’t believe in wearing deodorant because she thinks it can mess with breast feeding her newborn baby. They both say that a bit would go a long way! Kourtney always does what is best for her children and this is just another example of her taking care of them even if it might in an odd way that her family doesn’t care to smell.

Khloe is a bit scared to tell Kourtney Kardashian that she stinks so she is just going to deal with it. Scott says anyone would have odor if they don’t wear deodorant which is true. It sounds like neither one of them has the nerve to talk to her about the problem. In the new season, it is unknown if they end up telling her she stinks or not.

Don’t miss the premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami tonight on E! It is going ot be an exciting season.

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