Kourtney Kardashian thinks having another baby will save her relationship

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Upon reading the news today, I came across a news article that made me stop in my tracks. I am a huge fan of the Kardashians. I watch all their shows and love all the drama, fun and craziness that goes on with them. I even get a kick out of Scott, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend and father of her baby. Yes, he’s a bit strange, but he makes for good television even if he is beyond creepy.

Today, I read that Kourtney Kardashian is hoping that having another baby will save her relationship with Scott. First, why does she want to save it? The guy is a jerk. Second, this is something that scares me about people. Do they really think having another baby will save their relationship? If so, they are insane. Having a baby takes a lot of work and effort and it causes added stress in a relationship. While Kourtney claims that Scott was at his best when she was pregnant and right after Mason was born, he has lost that since Mason is growing. So, she gets pregnant again and he improves for several months, chances are he’ll go back to being the same way again. I can completely understand wanting to keep your family together, but bringing another child into that relationship is not the answer. Chances are they will break up eventually, and then she’ll have two children to raise on her own and without a dad around all the time. I do not want to judge, but I really hope that I don’t read an article in the next few months that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant. Instead, I hope to read that she has finally dumped her creepy boyfriend!


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