Kourtney Kardashian Wants to ‘Scratch’ Scott Disick’s Face With Her Nails — Yikes!

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Kourtney Kardashian may seem to be getting along better with Scott Disick lately but things still get dicey every now and then between the long time couple.

A video posted on Kourt’s Celeb Buzz blog shows a behind the scenes look at what she and Scott go through when she wants him to do something and he doesn’t want to.

When the new mom decided it would be good for her beau to get acquainted once again with chores, only now they were called “daddy chores.”

While making a list, Kourtney was trying to get Scott to tell her what type of chores he had as a child, but surprise, surprise, he didn’t have any!

Obviously, Scott wasn’t on a schedule like most kids where he had to take out the trash, wash the dishes or do his homework. So what makes Kourtney Kardashian think she can change him now?

That’s the problem. She can’t. Poor Kourtney gets so frustrated with Scott that she finally says he makes her want to take her nails and drag them down his face. Ouch!

Can you blame her though? Shouldn’t Scott help out more in the house now that he has two young children?

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