Kourtney Kardashian’s baby delivery–and done with Scott!

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For those of you who have been consistent viewers of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” you are probaby familiar with Kourtney and her on again-off again relationship with 26 year old Scott Disick. On the baby delivery episode, Kourtney gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Mason. The delivery seems to go well. Kourtney was super calm, or at least she seemed like that way. When her water breaks she walks around the house, completely nonchalant. Instead of rushing around frantically she proceeds to fold laundry, jump in the shower to wash and shave, and then she puts makeup on because “there could be pictures.” She was super cute and made giving birth actually look easy.

Khloe was even impressed because not only did she not yell or make that much noise while going through the laborious delivery pains, but when the Dr. saw that the baby was half way out he asked if she wanted to touch the baby, and she did. She actually reached down and pulled baby Mason out of her (Well the rest of the way). Her birthing experience seemed beautiful. I hope one day I’ll have my family with me and have a nice seamless delivery experience like what she seemed to have.

The drama on the show was not the delivery, but what happened before the baby shower. The episode prior to this one was in Vegas and starred a very drunk and very obnoxious-obscene Scott! His behavior in front of the family and GNC top executives, aka his boss, was abominable. He was cut off on drinking at the table by Kris and he got up, made a scene, and literally shoved money down the throat of a waiter. He was escorted out of the restaurant.

He was so out of control that Kourtney decided that she was done with him and didn’t want him to be in her life or the life of her baby anymore because he needs to grow up.

Her trial separation was just that! At her baby shower she was already making excuses for Scott, saying that he was wonderful “90% of the time!” Is Kourtney watching the same show we see her on? Scott does not meet her halfway and he is not on 65% of the time, and most definitely not 90%! He doesn’t help her out when she asks him to do things, he had to have her mom get him a job, he makes constant “douche-y” remarks and even Kourtney has called him a “douche” before (i.e. the episode when he wanted to have sex and she was uncomfortable because of the pregnancy). He could have his rare nice moments, but I think it’s for camera attention, and always in his own interest: simply to get something. He’s cheated before and he has a really shady track record with the family and with Kourtney. I know that her brother likes hanging out with Scott, but that’s because they like drinking and acting foolish, like little boys together. There is a time and place for everything and Scott just hasn’t got the memo or a clue!

Her sister Kim is busy but of course is concerned with how Kourtney is being treated. Her mother and Khloe have told her how they think she deserves to be “treated like a princess” and she deserves better. I hope that Kourtney wakes up and stays awake on focused on baby Mason because even though Scott is the baby’s Daddy, it doesn’t mean that he’s a good match for Kourtney. She’s too cute, too smart and ambitious to be weighed down by that yuppy-piece of dead weight!

Seriously what is Scott wearing? How did he end up anywhere near their family? Kourtney could do so much better than a sweater-tied-around-the-shoulders-slipper-wearing-lazy-spoiled prep boy!

I know on the show they reconciled, but then I read they broke up again. I hope if the new, current break up is true, that it stays permanent because someone needs to put an end to that vicious cycle. He’s not mature enough and he lacks motivation to change.

What did you think of the baby delivery episode? What do you think of Scott?

Are they really broken up? Will it last?

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