Kourtney, Kim Kardashian Upset About Khloe Kardashian’s Possible ‘X Factor’ Job!

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On Wednesday, a report surfaced claiming that Khloe Kardashian’s contract with E! was a stumbling block in her negotiations to host The X Factor. Are her sisters throwing up roadblocks too?

According to The National Enquirer, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are “in an uproar” and “hair-pulling mad” that Khloe could land the X Factor gig.

“Khloe and Kourtney re­cently ganged up on Kim for branching out on her own,” an “insider” tells the mag. “They know that if Khloe gets the X Factor gig, it will occupy so much time that she won’t be available for their TV show anymore. They’re worried that this will be the beginning of the end of the Kardashians.”

“The beginning of the end of the Kardashians” — that alone would totally make it worthwhile for Khloe to get the X Factor job! Fingers crossed! But one person who surprisingly isn’t worried about “the beginning of the end of the Kardashians” is momager Kris Jenner.

“Kris is the only one who isn’t too upset since she’s Khloe’s manager and stands to get her cut anyway. Still, she doesn’t like to see her children fighting like this,” the mag’s source says.

Of course Kris is more concerned about her bank account than anything else. But you’d think she’d actually be encouraging the girls to fight, since she’s always looking for drama for their “reality” shows and would want to broadcast the arguments on TV to increase ratings.

But although Kourtney and Kim are having a meltdown, Khloe — who has been upset in the past when Kim has done solo projects — is defending herself by reminding her sisters that she included them in the deal with Quicktrim even though the weight-loss company had originally wanted only her.

“Kim launched her own fragrance, was a judge on Project Runway and made an appearance on America’s Next Top Model,” The Enquirer‘s snitch says. “But now Khloe is doing exactly the same thing, prompting Kim and Kourtney to call her a hypocrite! Besides that, Kim thinks she should be the one on The X Factor because she’s the clan’s biggest star. … Hosting The X Factor is a huge opportunity for Khloe, and she bluntly says her sisters can take it or leave it.”

Of course Kim thinks “she’s the clan’s biggest star.” She’s such a narcissist! And it’s okay for Kim to host The X Factor, but not Khloe? Who’s the hypocrite now? But Kim probably wouldn’t be any good at hosting a live television show and would just stand around the stage posing. At least Khloe has a quick wit and would probably do a good job interacting with the judges and contestants. At any rate, it’s definitely believable that Kim would be butt-hurt about not being chosen for the gig, and Kourtney always gets the shaft on endorsements, so she could very well be upset too. And Kris probably is just keeping her head down and hoping for a big payday. Hopefully Khloe sticks to her guns and doesn’t let their drama affect her if she does get the X Factor job.

What do you think? Do you think Khloe Kardashian would be a good X Factor host? Are Kourtney and Kim Kardashian just jealous? Sound off in the comments!

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