Kraft Foods Makes Bold Move to Divide to Make 2 Companies

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Kraft Foods is a company that creates a wide variety of foods eaten by many people throughout the world. Many of its products have instant name recognition. Many people grew up enjoying the occasional Oreo cookie, Planter’s Nuts, Kool-Aid, Jello-O and Barnum Animal Crackers. Thus this company is a staple in many stock investment portfolios too. This company feels like an integral part of the country. Love the company or hate it, Kraft Foods has enormous staying power.

And now the company is making a bold move that could reward investors. The company will break into two separate companies of a grocery company and a company that makes snack foods, reports the Wall Street Journal. Only time will tell if this move will increase profitability and strengthen the company.

Some people think Kraft Foods are unhealthy as some of their food products contain a lot of chemicals and salt. Products such as Cheez Whiz and Crystal Light are not at all natural and have a lot of artificial and unhealthy chemicals. Reading the labels of certain Kraft Foods is like trying to understand a high-level science class. In reality they don’t seem like food at all, more like a chemical experiment run amok.

Other Kraft Foods are pantry staples–even foodies like Grey Poupon and Polly O products–and Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a comfort food to some. Most people, at some time in life, have eaten something made by Kraft Foods.

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People will always need to eat, so this company has had longevity and stability. However, with the rough economy now, people are cutting back on food purchases, especially of snack foods.

Will the tough economy hit the profits of Kraft Foods? The company is showing optimism now, taking a big step of creating a new aspect to their company. It is always intriguing to see that companies are making bold moves even in a floundering economy.

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