Kraken Lair Found Proving Sea Monster Existed

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Move over, Loch Ness Monster, because the Kraken sea monster is no longer mythical. The 100-foot-long monster most likely killed ichthyosaurs.

Mount Holyoke College paleontologist Kraken Lair Found Proving Sea Monster ExistedMark McMenamin has spent years studying the Kraken sea monster, and he believes he has found evidence of the giant monster’s lair. His best guess is that the creature drowned ichthyosaurs or broke their necks and then dragged the carcasses back to its lair, which resembles the midden of a modern-day octopus.

The beast was probably like an octopus in many ways, and this is where the evidence of the ancient sea monster has been derived because the soft-bodied flesh would not be preserved this far into the future.

One thing is positive. At least the Kraken is not around today, because having something like that attack a ship would be devastating. It is interesting to see what the environment yields about past creatures as things are slowly uncovered. There is so much to be learned about the past, present, and future with discoveries like this. If nothing else, it makes for interesting speculation and ideas about what strange creatures roamed the oceans so many millions of years ago.

Do you believe in giant sea monsters like the Kraken or the Loch Ness monster?

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