Kreayshawn’s Leaked Nude Photos Taken When She was Underage

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Kreayshawn has attacked the hackers who leaked her semi-nude photos by accusing them of spreading child porn.

The 21-year-old singer had to be thrilled to garner a VMA nomination in the best new artist category for her song “Gucci Gucci,” however her big night turned into one big headache when her semi-nude photos were leaked on the web after her Twitter account and phone were hacked.

The Jewish rapper hit the VMAs doing her best to look like an Amy Winehouse, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry hybrid. She had Amy’s cat-eye makeup; Nicki’s two-toned hair and bangs; and a dress featuring Mickey Mouse that looked like it came out of Katy’s closet. However, while the Disney fan’s outfit got her plenty of attention, she got a lot more of it after topless photos leaked showing her wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and nipple rings.

Kreayshawn blamed “anti-Hollywood extremists” for leaking the pics, whom she attacked on her Tumblr account by writing, “Real nice guys! Spreading child-prono (sic) that’s cute.” Someone also hacked her Twitter account to post “wack” tweets and anti-Semitic messages.

And the female rapper wasn’t the only one who had to be upset with her security breach — the phone numbers of Soulja Boy, V-Nasty, and Mac Maine were also leaked online during the hacking.

Unfortunately Kreayshawn wouldn’t be the first celeb to be involved in such a scandalous leak. Earlier this year Vanessa Hudgens claimed that she was underage in a new batch of nude photos that leaked, and in 2005 Paris Hilton’s phone was hacked and the contents of her phone book full of celebrity numbers was posted on the web. Numerous celebrities have also had their Twitter accounts hacked, with Amber Rose being one of the most recent to find hers compromised.

So will websites like MediaTakeOut remove the Kreayshawn topless pics now that it’s been revealed that she was underage in them? Probably not unless the rapper can actually prove that she was underage when they were taken, something that might become a bigger and bigger issue for teen celebs who think sexting is fun (here’s an idea: just don’t do it!).

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