Kris Allen: ‘American Idol’ Has ‘Gone On Too Long’ – Is He Right?

American Idol has seen its better days. Fans can all admit that. The series has just crowned its eleventh season winner this week, and now it is time to look ahead to season twelve. Anyway you cut it, twelve years is a long time for any series to be on television, but is this series tired and worn out? According to one former winner, it is time. Is it time for Idol to look toward ending the series?

Kris Allen won season eight with Adam Lambert coming in second to him. He knows a thing or two about this series. There is proof in the numbers that this series might need to change some things or come to an end. This year’s finale was the lowest rated finale for the series ever. In fact, the ratings for the series have steadily dropped since the season six finale which featured the win of Jordin Sparks.

Even though it was the lowest-rated finale ever for the series, it was still the most watched episode on television for anything that is aired since the Academy Awards in February. This makes it a mixed bag. Idol can still bring in the viewers for Fox, but other series have come out in the music reality competition arena.

The X Factor, The Voice, and even others are grabbing viewers away from Idol. Fans are liking how they handle things differently. They have ignored Idol judges and their snark about The Voice and still tuned in.

Is American Idol worn out then? It is not the same powerhouse it once was. That is safe to say, but it is still a powerhouse. If Idol wants to keep bringing in the viewers, they might want to make a few more changes in the seasons ahead.

What do you think?

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