Kris Humphries ‘Absolutely Not Gay’ According to Ex

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Kris Humphries has been knocked down quite a few times over the past couple of months, but perhaps the most surprising story was one printed on the cover of Star magazine. The NBA star has been part of what some are calling a “slander campaign” and the biggest story (the one in Star) claimed that he is gay.

Humphries’ ex-girlfriend, Bianca Kamber (who File:Kris Humphries.jpgstrikes resemblance to Kim Kardashian), is now speaking out about the claims, and she says that they aren’t true. “No. He’s not gay. That’s funny, absolutely not. That’s crazy,” she said.

Of course Kris being gay really explains how any man in his right mind wouldn’t be nice to Kim Kardashian… even if she is whiny and spoiled on occasion (aren’t many women?). Kris has been pegged as the villain in this whole ordeal and it really isn’t fair. It takes two to Tango—or that’s what they say anyway. So, if Kim thought Kris was gay, it must have been her because Bianca confirms that he’s straight. Aren’t you glad that’s settled?

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