Kris Humphries Announces Written Proof of Scam!

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Kris Humphries’ legal team has been collecting evidence from Kim Kardashian’s reality show, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, to bring down Kim and prove fraud. Last week, his legal team announced that they wanted all uncut material that had been filmed for the show, so they could dissect it in hopes of proving that everything was staged to make Kris look like ‘the bad guy.’ Well, it sounds like they have found something they are using in court.

During one of the episodes, Kris shows curiosity in Jonathan Cheban’s sexuality, essentially creating tension between Jonathan, Kris and Kim. While Kris just wanted Jonathan to admit he was either straight or gay, Kim was okay with Jonathan not sharing his preference. However, Kris Humphries‘ lawyers are convinced that Kris would never inquire about someone else’s sexual preference. In fact, they believe that the whole thing was staged to make Kris look bad, including Jonathan’s threatening lawsuits. It was just another piece of the puzzle. It sounds like this could possibly be something worthwhile for Kris. He just has to prove that he isn’t inquesitive about people’s sexual preferences on a daily basis. But how he plans to prove that is a whole other battle. Sure, he can say that he doens’t care, but will the judge buy it?

“Here are the facts, Kris would have never asked Jonathan if he was gay or not, without being told to do so,” an insider shares with Radar Online. “He especially wouldn’t have asked that question with the cameras rolling because he would never want to embarrass anyone or cause any awkwardness.” Kris’ legal team has plenty of time to find other evidence to support his case in court. The case is scheduled to start in June, so Kris better start finding more evidence. It sounds this particular piece of evidence isn’t strong enough. Now, if he could prove that he was forced to say something specific to make him the villain, then he could have a case.

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