Kris Humphries Chats Up Kim Kardashian Look-Alike at Fashion Week After Party

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Kris Humphries chatted up a Kim Kardashian look-alike during Monday night’s Betsey Johnson Fashion Week after-party in NYC. Kris and his entourage made a quick pit stop at the soirée, only to get mobbed by scores of female “fans.” Is Kris really over Kim? If he’s talking to women who look a lot like her, maybe not. Maybe women who look like Kim K are his type. Either way, Kim could care less, as she’s been seen out with her ex, Reggie Bush, in recent days.

According to the New York Post‘s Page Six, Kris Humphries and several friends turned up at the big post-show Betsey Johnson party, and Kris was immediately “swarmed by women.” What was his reaction? Apparently “cool as a cucumber” doesn’t apply to Humphries: a source says he “looked positively panicked.” Shortly after Kris “was spotted chatting to a Kim look-alike,” he and his entourage made a beeline for the door.

At this point, isn’t Kris Humphries used to this kind of reaction? He married and is divorcing Kim Kardashian, for crying out loud! He’ll have women throwing themselves at him for a long time to come, just because he’s famous (and a pro athlete, but Kardashian trumps pro athlete every time). For someone who wants to keep things low-profile, this little party trip probably wasn’t a great idea.

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