Kris Humphries’ Evidence That Kim Kardashian Cheated on Him with Kanye West

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Kris Humphries might have proof that Kim Kardashian was cheating on him when she was with Kanye West, but would it hold up in court during their divorce proceedings?

Friends of Kris’ rumored fling Myla Sinanaj have revealed that the NBA star’s own wedding is what actually made him suspicious—he thought that it was very strange that Kanye’s name wasn’t on the guest list.

After all, as TMZ points out, Kris Jenner has referred to Kanye as a “close family friend,” so why wouldn’t he be invited?

For one thing, Myla Sinanaj seems just a little suspicious—the Humph even asked the FBI to investigate her because she was trying to extort money from him. It’s possible that leaking rumors about her convos with Kris Humphries through her “friends” is how she’s getting revenge on him for contacting the authorities and not paying her off.

And it’s not really that strange that Kanye West wasn’t invited to Kim Kardashian’s wedding—perhaps she talked to him about her impending nuptials and he informed her that he couldn’t attend before she sent out the invitations. After all, if he and Kim are such good friends, wouldn’t she have had a conversation with him before all the wedding planning got underway?

Or here’s a more romantic idea—poor Yeezy might have even lied about not being able to make it because he just couldn’t bear the thought of watching Kim marry another man.

But maybe Kris Humphries really did have a good reason to be suspicious. After all, Kim Kardashian obviously didn’t take her relationship with him very seriously since they were only married for 72 days.

Unfortunately for Kris, a simple wedding guest list probably isn’t going to be enough evidence to prove to a court that Kim was cheating on him before their wedding.

So what do you think—did Kim really divorce Kris because she decided that she wanted something with Kanye West?

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