Kris Humphries Is Considering Suing Kris Jenner

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Kris Humphries might sue Kris Jenner for being a bad “momager.”

Jenner has helped make her daughters Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian the biggest reality stars in the world while finding countless ways for them to make more cash—they’ve got clothing lines and beauty products; they get paid for appearances; and they even get paid to tweet about products. She’s obviously a very capable businesswoman when it comes to her daughters’ careers, but not so much when it comes to representing someone else.

And according to the Star Tribune, Jenner might be in big trouble for being a bad manager. When Kim Kardashian hooked up with Kris Humphries, Jenner naturally became his talent manager, helping him land his own endorsement deals and paid appearances. But of course Kim always came first, so the Humph kind of got thrown under the bus when he and Kim decided to break off their short marriage.

And now there still seems to be an issue with what money the couple made off of their wedding. Kris Jenner swears that Kim didn’t make a dime off of it, but it’s very hard to believe this since wedding was televised on E!, a network that regularly writes paychecks for the Kardashians. So now it seems that the Humph thinks that Jenner screwed him over when it comes to wedding money, and he’s planning to take her and the company that produces the Kardashian reality shows to court because of it.

If Kris Humphries could prove that Kris Jenner screwed him over while working as his manager, of course this is going to make her look even worse than she already does. The woman has admitted to cheating on her ex-husband; a recent report claims that she was too demanding and controlling to get a Kardashian-themed magazine produced; and of course she spends way too much time meddling in her daughters’ lives on television. It’s very possible that her image can’t take many more blows—her family is already facing an internet boycott and claims that their brand is dying.

The Humph’s image has also taken a blow since getting involved with the Kardashians. He gets booed at basketball games and has had to deal with his own fair share of tabloid rumors. So what better way for him to repair his image than by making Kim Kardashian and her family look bad through suing Jenner?

If there’s a chance of the Humph winning such a lawsuit, it’s likely Kris Jenner and the reality show production company would settle out of court to avoid a large scandal, but doing so would certainly still be evidence that they’ve been up to no good.

So what do you think—should Kris Humphries sue the woman responsible for unleashing the Kardashians on the world, or is there no way he could win against the mommy mogul?

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