Kris Humphries’ lawyers to ‘grill’ Kim Kardashian about Kanye West in divorce deposition!

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For a few months now, has gotten scoops on the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce straight from Team Hump. Radar has run tons of stories about Kris’ legal maneuverings as well as items that are sympathetic to him and vilify her—he knows she cheated on him with Kanye West, etc. And now Radar is recycling its old stories.

According to Radar, during her divorce deposition Kim “is going to be grilled about her relationship with” Kanye by Kris’ legal team. This particular report comes two and a half months after another Radar story claimed that Kris’ legal team planned to question Kim about Kanye.

In Radar’s latest story, a “source close to the situation” tells the website that Kris’ lawyers “have been watching the current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and will be questioning Kim about her relationship with Kanye as he has been appearing on the show. During last week’s episode, Kim revealed that she and Kanye have a lot in common, including cars [editor’s note: what does that have to do with anything? and can you imagine the poor legal intern who has to watch the Kardashians’ reality shows and then report what happened?]. Kris’ lawyers want to know when Kim and Kanye first hooked up—was it recently, or did they have a dalliance in the past? Team Humphries will also want to know about Kanye’s involvement with the reality show—for instance, is he being paid, are there plans for a spin-off show for the new couple? Kris’ lawyers will use this as evidence that Kris was duped into marrying Kim because of the pressure the family is under because of their reality shows.”

And they’ll get their answers soon, because “Kim’s deposition will likely be happening in the next two to three weeks. Kris’ team isn’t under a huge rush to depose her because they feel that the more she puts her relationship with Kanye out there, the more ammunition they are going to have when it’s her turn,” Radar’s source says.

Radar has run all this before. At the end of April it published its original report about Kris’ legal team planning to question Kim about Kanye, and it has also reported that Yeezy has been subpoenaed. So why run basically the same story again? Does Team Humphries want to take some heat off Kris after his shady relationship with Myla Sinanaj came to light and remind the public that Kim is still the bad guy for getting married for ratings and money and then filing for divorce after only 72 days? It’s not like the public doesn’t already know that the Kardashian-Jenners are a bunch of shameless famewhores. But considering that family can call any tabloid or website and badmouth him and it makes headlines, he has to get his side of the story out there somehow.

What do you think? Should Kris Humphries’ lawyers “grill” Kim Kardashian about her relationship with Kanye West? Can you believe those two are still married? Sound off in the comments!

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