Kris Humphries–No Dating Until Divorce is Final

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Kris Humphries says he won’t be doing any dating at all until his divorce from Kim Kardashian is officially final. It seems that’s simply the way his parents raised him.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Kris was raised in a family with strong religious and moral values; and when he married Kim Kardashian, truly believing it was until ‘death did them part,’ he certainly didn’t expect to be single just 72 days later.

A source close to Kris saKris Humphriesys that even though Kim is the one making all sorts of noise about her traumatic divorce, it’s actually Kris who is suffering. The source also says Kris won’t be dating any time soon.

“Kris won’t date for a while,” the source says. “Probably not until after the divorce. He feels embarrassed and humiliated both on the street and on the basketball court.”

Kris Humphries has even been booed on the basketball court by fans who for some reason are still incredibly loyal to Kim Kardashian. At a very recent game the crowd was even chanting the word ‘prenup,’ when Humphries took to the court.

“It’s been a really tough time for him,” the source says of Kris. “She may say she’s been crying her eyes out but he’s the one really going through it.”

Do you think this is true about Kris Humphries? Will he remain in his non-dating mode until his divorce from Kim is final? If so that speaks volumes about his character. But then his wasn’t really questioned as much as hers was in the first place, remember?

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