Kris Humphries Not Over Kim Kardashian? Not Interested in Female Admirers

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Kris Humphries is definitely still reeling from the Kim Kardashian split. So much so, that he not only didn’t have an official date for Valentine’s Day, he also shunned attractive women who showed any interest in him. While Kim K is supposedly dating her other ex, Reggie Bush, and headlines have her hooked up already with NBA star Jeremy Lin, Kris is floundering. And that’s just kind of sad.

According to the New York Post‘s Page Six, while Kris Humphries was at New York City’s trendy Serafina restaurant with his friend Josh Ketroser and two women on Valentine’s Day, everyone seemed like “platonic friends.” That makes sense. Maybe it was more than that, but a source told Page Six that Kris was totally not interested in anyone that evening. In fact, when a group of gorgeous models at a nearby table gave him the eye (surely he’s used to this stuff by now), Kris “didn’t give them a second glance.”

Everyone is waiting to see who Kris will date now that he and Kim Kardashian are officially over. Maybe he just wants to hang out with friends. The Kardashian train wreck probably left him more than a little shell-shocked, after all. In time, interest in Kris will die down and the paparazzi will find someone else to hound. Until then, it really does look like Kris Humphries is still lying low.

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