Kris Humphries Still Suffering from Divorce Backlash

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It may have been over six months since Kris Humphries decided to tie the knot with Kim Kardashian, but the 72-day marriage continues to haunt him to this day. Just last night on the basketball court against the Boston Celtics, Kris was being booed and ridiculed just because he decided to marry a girl he thought was the one for him. And while Kris usually welcomes to the negativity as a method of motivation, last night’s chanting of Kim Kardashian’s name was enough to throw Kris off.

According to Hollywood Life, Kris only scored six points for the Nets against the Celtics. But could it really be due to Kim Kardashian’s presence in his life? It doesn’t seem to be directly related to Kris Humphries, as the chanting of her name is meant to bring him down emotionally. It seems that it was only one tactic to bring down the opponent on the court, so the Celtics could win.

And it seems that Kris may have taken the negativity personal. Perhaps he was hoping that if he made it known that all of the negativity helped him on the court, the haters would stop mentioning Kim’s name, but it didn’t seem to work as his team lost last night to the Celtics. Maybe once he heads to court to settle this divorce for good, he will get some more confidence.

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