Kris Humphries Thinks Kim Kardashian Will Ruin Kanye West

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When Kris Humphries married Kim Kardashian, he probably didn’t think that she had the ability to make him a hated man, who is booed on the basketball court. Now that he is out of the marriage and fighting to get his name cleared, Kim is moving on with Kanye West. And of course, Kris has something to say about it, but it may not be what you think. In fact, Kris is thinking that Kim may end up ruining Kanye’s career as well if she convinces him to do the Kardashian’s reality TV show and puts him under the same restraints as she did Kris.

Sure, Kanye may be stronger than Kris Humphries, but with Kim Kardashian recently sharing that she won’t be airing her relationships on the show anymore, it is clear that Kanye already has one-up on Kris. He won’t be getting the same strict treatment as Kris.

In addition, Kanye is already approved by most of the Kardashian family members. Everyone in the family knows that Kanye and Kim have been friends for years and the two of them have even filmed together, when Kanye stopped by their store in New York on a recent episode of the show. “I genuinely think that because we have so much in common – like our families, losing parents and we do have a lot of connections,” Khloe explains of Kim and Kanye’s relationship earlier this year.

It is very interesting to hear that the sisters are eager to welcome him, while Kris thinks he will lose his independence. What do you think will happen?

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