Kris Humphries Went on a Date with Jon Huntsman’s Daughter

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Kris Humphries once went on a date with Jon Huntsman’s daughter Mary Anne! It’s just a shame that things didn’t work out — perhaps the world wouldn’t have been subjected to Kim Kardashian’s wedding and the divorce drama that followed.

Then again, Kim probably would have found another groom to fill in for him just to have her dream wedding before she gets too old to look like a Disney princess (Kanye West might have worked).

But things didn’t work out between Kris and GOP candidate Jon Huntsman’s daughter, meaning he would go on to change the world for the worst by marrying Kim Kardashian. However, Mary Anne is lucky that she dodged that bullet.

Kris met Mary Anne Huntsman when he was playing for the Utah Jazz. Jon Huntsman was the governor of Utah at the time.

But apparently a beautiful politician’s daughter wasn’t good enough for Kris Humphries. Liddy Huntsman couldn’t resist talking about the date in an interview with GQ. Here’s what she said about her older sister’s encounter with the future reality show star: “They saw Elf; Humphries bought a bucket of popcorn the size of a garbage can. Mary Anne never heard another thing about him until he turned up on E!, dating a reality-TV queen.”

Mary Anne wasn’t too happy about her sister dishing about what sounds like a horrible date (Kris Humphries seems like the type of guy who would talk loudly during the entire movie), but Liddy said she had to reveal her sister’s story because she’s “just trying to make someone smile.” This isn’t surprising since Liddy wants to work for Saturday Night Live someday.

Perhaps now the daughters need to spoof Mary Anne’s date with Kris Humphries in a new web video. They’ve shown their silly sides before with a spoof of Herman Cain’s silly smoking ad (which can be seen below), and their own campaign song for their father. Unfortunately, Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” probably wasn’t the best choice of a song to spoof (now “D*** in a Box” would have been hilarious). You can also check out that song below – Mary Anne Huntsman is pictured on the right.

The girls have become stars with their spoof videos and by tweeting supporting for their father as @Jon2012Girls, but they have no desire to become the Kardashians of politics. However, it’s such a shame that they won’t try for their own reality show – it’s hard to imagine how angry Sarah Palin would be if they got one when she can’t get her latest on the air.

There’s another political video that Jon Huntsman’s daughters didn’t do that recently got a lot of attention. It’s called Newt Gingrich the “Kim Kardashian of the GOP.” So does this mean that Kris Humphries will be Newt’s next wife? (Seriously, the Huntsman sisters have got to come up with their own Kardashian parody ASAP).

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