Kris Jenner: Apple Store Says No Special Treatment for iPhone 5

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Celebrities are used to VIP treatment. Reality star Kris Jenner was in for a surprise when she thought she could jump the line to get the new iPhone 5. Jenner demanded that five iPhones be saved for her and was quite angry when she was denied and told to wait in line. Too bad the cameras weren’t running for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Although Jenner was told that reserving the phones wasn’t going to happen, she sent her assistant to the Apple store anyway. A witness told Radar Online, “They had a lot of extra security on for crowd control and one of the guards told the assistant ‘See that line? Go wait in it and you will be helped’.” Priceless. If countless people are willing to wait in line, why should a celebrity think they will be treated differently?

No word if the assistant actually waited in line with her tail between her legs. It’s hard to picture Kris Jenner actually waiting patiently with the masses. But it is an amusing thought.

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