Kris Jenner: Bragging About Kim Kardashian or the Dress?

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Kris Jenner took to Twitter to share a photo of her daughter, Kim Kardashian wearing a vintage Valentino dress. The thing is, Kris also decided to share a split image of when she wore the dress back in 1984. Talk about using one’s daughter to call attention to one’s self.

Jenner tweeted, “How gorgeous is @KimKardashian in my vintage Valentino!?” Clearly the key word here is not “Kim” or “vintage Valentino,” but the word “my.”

Yep, Jenner took the opportunity of letting her daughter wear one of her vintage gowns to show-off a photograph of how the same dress looked on her back in 1984. “I think it’s so important to save these classic gowns. They are timeless and I love to share them with my daughters!” blogged Kris about the dress. “Kim borred it for her trip to the White House in 2012. She looked so stunning!”

Why can’t Jenner just let her daughter (or the dress) stand on her own beauty? Why does she have to crowd in on her daughter’s spotlight? Somehow Kris Jenner continues to live vicariously though her kids, often wishing to be one of them, instead of just the proud parent. Sad.

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