Kris Jenner Criticized by Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister for Using Death to Profit

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Kris Jenner is being called out by the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson for lying and trying to profit off of Nicole’s death.

Kris was willing to do anything to sell her new memoir, whether it’s talking about Kim Kardashian’s divorce during interviews or dishing about how she cheated on her late ex-hubby Robert Kardashian with a producer named Ryan (it’s a little weird that another producer named Ryan helped make her family famous).

From the excerpts that have hit the web so far, it’s also obvious that she was very willing to dish out the dirt on herself in her new book. However, she should have been more careful writing about other people – she went a little too far by lying and trying to profit off of the death of one of her pals.

In her book, Kris Jenner claims that Nicole’s sister Denise Brown called her the day after Nicole was found murdered to ask her about some photos that Nicole kept in a safety deposit box.

Nicole Brown Simpson had taken the photos in question to document how O.J. Simpson had abused her. However, Denise claims that she didn’t even know about their existence until O.J.’s trial, and even if she had known about them, she says that the last thing on her mind when she found out that her sister had been murdered would have been to call Kris Jenner to ask about them.

It’s got to be extremely tough for Nicole’s family to have to deal with their daughter’s horrible death being brought up again, especially since Kris Jenner is using it to sell her book. In the memoir Kris certainly plays up her part in Nicole’s life — in addition to claiming that Nicole Brown Simpson took the photos so that Kris could be a witness to her abuse, the momager claims that she could have saved Nicole from being murdered.

According the National Enquirer, Denise has called Kris “pathetic” and says that she’s upset that she has “split open the healing wounds” of Nicole’s family in order to profit.

To be fair, Nicole was one of Kris’ friends, and Robert Kardashian was one of O.J. Simpson’s attorneys. So since these people were a part of her life, it’s not surprising that they make an appearance in the memoir. However, Kris went too far by lying about the photos and by claiming that she could have saved Nicole — if this is the case, then Denise should really be angry with Kris for ignoring her sister’s cry for help. Plus it seems that Kris proved then and now just how good of a friend she was to Nicole – first she let her down by not helping her in her time of need, and now she’s using her grisly demise to sell her book and rake in more money that she doesn’t need or deserve.

So what do you think – should Kris have kept her talk about Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson to a minimum? Or is she just selling something that the public wants to know about?

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