Kris Jenner ‘Desperate’ for Kourtney, Kim Kardashian to Get TV Hosting Jobs!

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After Khloe Kardashian was announced as one of the co-hosts of The X Factor, a report surfaced claiming that Kris Jenner had stepped in after contract negotiations had come to a halt and made sure the deal got done. And now it’s obvious why the momager wanted to seal the deal so badly.

According to Radar Online, now that Khloe has landed the X Factor job, Kris is “pushing hard” for Kourtney and Kim Kardashian to get TV hosting gigs too!

“With Khloe getting her dream job as an X Factor host, Kris thinks anything is possible now,” a “source close to the family” tells the website. “Kris thinks that Kim and Kourtney can benefit from Khloe’s luck and is desperate for them to go off on their own and appear in other shows. As soon as the contract was signed, Kris immediately got on the phone to various TV production companies to find out if there was something that Kim and Kourtney could work on.”

Don’t Kim and Kourtney have enough to do already? They just signed a new contract with E! back in the spring for a few more seasons of their reality shows, which are seemingly constantly filming. They also have a steady stream of promotional appearances and photo shoots, and Kourtney has a toddler and an infant who need lots of attention. So they might not have the time to devote to another show. But of course nothing will deter Kris from being a greedy famewhore.

“Because Kourtney was more prominently involved with working on their Dash clothing label, Kris believes she should be on a show like Project Runway. Kim is great in front of the camera, has lots of experience modeling and doing fashion shoots, so Kris is desperate for her to get involved as a judge on a show like America’s Next Top Model. Now that Khloe has paved the way for her other sisters, Kris will do anything to push her daughters into following her lead,” Radar’s snitch says.

This just cannot happen. Khloe could be a good fit for The X Factor because she’s actually likeable, has a quick wit and could handle interacting with the contestants/mentors and dealing with something unexpected that happens. But the same really can’t be said about either one of her sisters. Just because Kim and Kourtney can stand around and pose doesn’t mean they could handle the demands of hosting a show (even one that’s taped, not live like The X Factor) or could give helpful advice to the contestants. The Kardashians already have enough reality shows on E!, so hopefully that’s where they stay.

What do you think? Do you think Kourtney and Kim Kardashian would make good TV hosts? What about Khloe Kardashian? Sound off in the comments!

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