Kris Jenner Gets Grilled by ‘Fashion Police’ About Kim Kardashian, Kanye and Style

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This weekend, Kris Jenner was interrogated by the Fashion Police about all kinds of diverse topics that went way beyond sartorial chatter.

In fact, Joan Rivers put the momager of the Kardashian clan on the spot, asking questions regarding everything from Kim and Kanye’s relationship to what was the worst outfit she ever wore while on the red carpet.

In true form, the reality show maven and all around maverick was as candid as can be with each passing query.

One pressing issue on Joan’s mind was introduced when this comedian questioned, “If Kim has a baby with Kanye, will he hold it up some day and say BeyoncĂ© did it better?”

Ignoring that, Kris Jenner said the two are “getting along very well, and so one step at a time.”

Then Rivers asked who her favorite child is, and without hesitation, Kris said with a twinkle in her eye, “Kim.”

Then she elaborated, admitting that “it depends on the day,” saying that Kimmy K is taking her to Paris this week so that’s why she is currently at the top of the list.

When asked about whether or not her boob job was something that made her happy, Kris didn’t flinch. She simply said that she was having a conversation with her doctor “who did my implants in 1972″ and the professional told Jenner it was time to have them replaced–so she did.

At that point, Joan asked if she could touch the new breasts, and Kris was game. However, when the table was turned after Joan called hers “very nice, very firm,” Jenner had no interest in seeing how Joan’s felt.

Even sex was not a subject that was off base in this spicy E! Entertainment Television interview, even though the Fashion Police judge did broach this sensitive topic with an innuendo. She asked Kris if athlete Bruce Jenner still throws “the javelin, if you know what I mean? What makes you glow?”

Kris played dumb and said, “Alcohol.”

Then she admitted she has an active sex life, and has sex twice a week. There were a lot of gasps at that answer.

At that point, Jenner was finally allowed to talk about fashion, the reason she showed up for this interview in the first place.

The fashionista said her best look was on the red carpet for the E! Upfronts last month in a color blocked dress that was sleeveless. When asked how she knew what to pick for that occasion, Kris told Joan that her stylist called Monica told her what to wear.

Then the subject was up about what her least favorite outfit was when walking the red carpet and a picture of Kris Jenner kicking it with sneakers and slacks went up on a big screen as those in studio groaned at what looked like a female version of Charlie Chaplin.

Actually, another famous person came to mind as someone on the Fashion Police panel joked after looking at the photo, “I’m a big fan, Mister Lambert,” referring to superstar singer Adam Lambert with whom Kris had a lot in common that particular evening. In fact, the pair could have been doppelgangers.

At that point, Joan Rivers told her colleague and friend that all she needed to complete that sartorial look was “a flower that squirts water.”

And so, with all that talk between Kris Jenner and the head of the Fashion Police which touched on everything from the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West relationship to the outfits the very social person brings to the various red carpets she attends all year long, this member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan was refreshing, irreverent, and a lot of fun.

Well done, Kris Jenner.

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