Kris Jenner Spent $250K on Plastic Surgery?!

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Kris Jenner got a face lift before daughter Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries last year, and she’s also gotten multiple boob jobs. But she denies having other work done, such as lip injections. And one plastic surgeon is calling BS on her claims.

According to The National Enquirer, Kris has spent $250,000 on multiple cosmetic procedures over the past 12 years. (When you add in how much Kim and Bruce Jenner have probably spent getting all their work done, plastic surgeons have made a fortune off this family!)

“Kris is almost unrecognizable com­pared to photos of her at her wedding to Robert Kardashian [34 years ago]. Multiple proce­dures over the years — totaling at least $250,000 — had to be done for her to achieve the look she has today. Most likely, she first went under the knife for a face- and neck-lift sometime around 2000,” Dr. Thomas Barnes, a plastic surgeon who has not treated the momager, tells the mag, adding that she had to “freshen up” her face repeatedly since then “to achieve her current look.”

Dr. Barnes believes Kris has “had a chin implant and nose shaping to thin and lift her nose tip and slim down the top. The cost is staggering. Some experts charge upward of $35,000 to $50,000 for one procedure alone.” The Enquirer also notes the cost of cheek augmentation, cheek implants, a brow lift and a mid-face lift. (There’s no word on whether Kris’ breast augmentations count toward the $250,000 total.)

The Kardashian-Jenners made $65 million a couple of years ago and they signed a $40 million contract with E! earlier this year, so Kris certainly has the money to burn on plastic surgery, no matter how ill-advised it might be to drop that kind of cash. And according to one source (and everyone else’s eyes), it definitely hasn’t been money well spent.

“Kris is obsessed with looking like she’s still in her 30s or 40s, but all the work she’s done to her face has backfired,” a “concerned pal” tells the mag. “She’s starting to look like those horrible Beverly Hills women that everyone laughs at behind their backs. She looks fine from far away, but once you get close you can see all the work she’s had done. … Kris says it’s her money and she’ll do whatever she wants, even if it means permanently changing her appearance.”

Kris does look pretty unnatural. Check out this pic of her from last month: Her nose looked ridiculous, and she had also recently had either Botox or a brow lift. She needs to stop with the plastic surgery before she turns into Joan Rivers or Jocelyn Wildenstein. But The Enquirer‘s snitch says that “there’s no limit to how far the mother of six will go … to look as youthful as her bombshell daughters,” which is a problem, because Kim has had a ton of work done to her face too. Maybe someone in the family needs to stage an intervention, because these two definitely don’t need to be “keeping up” with each other when it comes to Botox, fillers, rhinoplasty, etc.

What do you think? Does Kris Jenner’s plastic surgery look good? Should she stop getting work done? Sound off in the comments!

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