Kris Jenner: Was Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction on Purpose?

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Was Kris Jenner’s nip slip wardrobe malfunction an intentional attention grab? While Khloe Kardashian thought it was just a case of “mom being mom,” many wonder if she made the mistake on purpose for attention.

The first clue that Kris might have actually intended to go for an attention grab was that she posted the photo herself. That’s right, she actually shared the “humiliating” photo online. It wasn’t like some member of the paparazzi caught her with her breasts exposed and posted the scandalous photos of Kris Jenner.

No, this was self-inflicted. It was Jenner getting into Kim’s old Wonder Woman costume and snapping a photo. Of course, Khloe Kardashian threw her mom further under the bus by tweeting out the photo again! “Hi nips. That’s my mom.”

Perhaps that is what finally got Kris to pull the photo off Instagram… after she exposed her nipple to the world. The thing is, does Jenner really need this much attention? Is she jealous of her daughters constantly being in the news that she has to keep herself there, too?

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