Kris Jenner Won’t Let Khloe Kardashian Go Blonde

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Kris Jenner isn’t allowing Khloe Kardashian to dye her brunette locks blonde! How can it be? Doesn’t Khloe just oaf her way into doing whatever she wants? She is one of the giants of the Kardashian “klan.” Guess momager and pimp Kris really does call all the shots in that family. Oh wait, it gets better and more twisted because the E! network is backing Kris.

A source close to Keeping Up with the Kardashians said, “Khloe just wants to simply change her hair color, she has been leaning towards going blonde this time. She has wigs that she owns and when she dons the blonde locks, Lamar LOVES it. Lamar thinks his wife should be able to have her hair whatever color she wants. Practically every woman in Dallas is blonde, and Khloe just thinks it would be fun for her to do.”

Unfortunately, Kardashian signed a “very strict contract” with E! and the contract states she and the other members of her family must get the OK from E! first before “any physical changes are made on any of the family members during times when the shows are shooting, they must be approved by the network. Executives at E! want Khloe to remain a brunette so that it doesn’t date the series when it reruns. The suits want all of the sisters to have a similar look because the girls are branded as sisters, and having one of them showing up on screen with hair a different color, throws that off, and they don’t want to alienate viewers.”

Oh well, there’s always life after reality TV shows. Maybe, Khloe Kardashian and the rest of her warped family will choose freedom over money; then again probably not. The green of money is more enticing than the blonde of any hair. It’s so nice to just sign your life away but at least Khloe still has Lamar to count on. That guy ain’t going anywhere.

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