Kristen Bell Got Nude Extras on Craigslist for ‘Hit & Run’

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Kristen Bell ended up getting nude extras with her fiance, Dax Shepard, for their new film, Hit & Run. Yes you read that correctly, a site that’s famous for finding one night stands actually provided the couple with nude extras for their movie. Those people they found probably didn’t think Craigslist would be their ticket to stardom.

Bell went on the Today Show to discuss the movie and was asked if the rumor was true. “We did find them on Craigslist,” the blonde actress said. “That’s not a joke.” She said they needed to find nude extras for the scene where the couple enters a hotel room filled with naked people.

“Everybody knew what was happening, but I’m gonna be honest: You can’t really prepare for a scene like that. And Dax didn’t let anybody see anything before we actually shot,” Bell said. “So when Bradley Cooper, Joy Bryant and Ryan Hansen entered, that really was the shock on their face.” Yeah…unknowingly walking into a room full of naked people will definitely do that.

Well, if you really have to find a bunch of nude extras for your movie, going on Craigslist isn’t really a bad idea. After all, many of the people on Craigslist are not exactly shy about showing off their bodies.

Kristen Bell 2008 by David ShankboneHit & Run was written and co-directed by Shepard and is out in theatres right now.

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