Kristen Cavallari Poses for Embarrassing Wedding Dress Photos

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Kristen Cavallari posed for a photo shoot in her wedding dress last Thursday…just four days before groom-to-be Jay Cutler allegedly broke off their engagement.

As TMZ reported, the pictures seem to support reports that Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback, was the one who did the dumping. It would seem rather masochistic of Kristen to go through the misery of a wedding shoot if she herself was contemplating breaking off the engagement. For what it’s worth, Cavallari looks stunning in the dress.

For a QB who is awful adept at throwing interceptions, it just adds insult to injury that Cutler didn’t intercept his bride-to-be from posing for these wedding dress photos for all the world to see. And then again, maybe the age-old adage that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding came back to haunt beautiful Kristen.

The high-profile couple called it quits 10 months after they began dating, and just 3 months after they got engaged. While it may take time for Cavallari’s wounds to heal, it is clearly better that they broke up now rather than going forward with the marriage and finding themselves incompatible down the road.

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