Kristen Stewart Admired by Two Hot Guys: Watch Out Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson seem to be the perfect couple, often flying under the radar and keeping their romance low-key and unaffected. It’s obviously working for them so far! But, that doesn’t mean that Stewart doesn’t have plenty of hot admirers. (Of course, Pattinson certainly has his fair share of female fanatics, too.)

Most recently, two of K-Stew’s co-stars have come out singing her praises. But is it just platonic admiration or should R-Patz be worried?

At last night’s Young Hollywood Awards, presented by Bing, Garrett Hedlund gushed, “Kristen’s such a phenomenal actress and I’m so happy for her.” Hedlund and Stewart worked together for the On the Road flick, and the hunky actor’s pretty “phenomenal” himself, even taking home the Actor of the Year prize. Is he the next Robert Pattinson?

And at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere in Los Angeles a few days ago, Kristen Stewart’s soon-to-be love interest in Snow White and the Huntsman, British star Sam Claflin admitted he’s a “big fan of hers.”

“From my understanding, she seems like an absolute legend of a girl… She’s so talented. So fingers crossed there’ll be chemistry,” said Claflin.

But any Snow White chemistry or Road romance aside, neither of these handsome guys could hold a candle to the power couple that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have become — both on and off screen. After all, Stewart without Pattinson would really qualify as a strange Twilight zone!

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