Kristen Stewart Admits Love Triangles are Ideal

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Kristen Stewart is no stranger to love triangles on or off the screen. Her role in Twilight created one of the biggest love triangles of all time and created the Team Jacob or Team Edward division among Twi-hards. But Kristen wants to know why she can’t have both.

Kristen is in Japan promoting Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and going through numerous very awkward interviews in an effort to drum up interest. During one of those interviews, she was asked about the love triangle between Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. She is pretty candid with her answer, “As a woman, I think it’s really important not to discredit feelings. There weren’t too many difficulties with the whole love triangle thing.”

Maybe not the best way to address the question considering that whole nasty Rupert Sanders bit, but at least she was honest. Kristen explains her support of love triangles, in the Twilight movie that is, “I mean, she needs Jacob in her life. He needs her in the same way…. if you can get pass conventions and what everyone else is thinking, then you can have what you want.” Ah yes, of course everybody wants to have their cake and eat it to, but darn society for insisting a person can have only one love.

Is Kristen Stewart trying to say something by implying love triangles don’t have to be all bad?

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