Kristen Stewart Affair Costs Rupert Sanders His Marriage: Liberty Ross Files for Divorce

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Kristen Stewart’s affair with director Rupert Sanders has cost him his longtime marriage to model Liberty Ross. The beautiful model has filed for divorce from Sanders. She was no doubt humiliated when news leaked of his affair with sexy Stewart. Many questioned whether or not Ross would remain in the fractured marriage but it’s evident now that she’s no longer interested in playing house with a cheater.

KRISTEN STEWART 8X10 PHOTOFortunately it’s not all bad news for Sanders because his soon-to-be ex-wife is only seeking joint custody of their children. She is, however, seeking spousal support. She’s just going after what she’s due. The hurt of having to see her husband in Stewart’s dewy white arms plastered everywhere must have been immense but Liberty Ross is looking ahead to a life without Rupert Sanders by her side.

One can only wonder how this latest twist is affecting Kristen Stewart. A quick fling, a hot love affair doesn’t seem like such a good idea all of a sudden, does it?

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