Kristen Stewart afraid of Hollywood: Will Robert Pattinson protect her?

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Kristen Stewart said that she’s afraid of Hollywood in her new interview with GQ UK Magazine. The actress tries to live her life as close to normal as possible, and while other celebrities are concerned with fashion and money flaunting, KStew continues to wear skinny jeans and live her normal life. She is just down-to-earth and basic—but it’s those traits that might keep her from being eaten alive.

“She notFile:Kristen Stewart Life Magazine 3.JPG surprisingly admits that she fears for her life in Hollywood culture . After all both she and boyfriend Robert Pattinson live a life as low-key and unHollywood as possible,” Hollywood Life reports.

Robert Pattinson is also a refreshing face in Hollywood. He is similar to KStew in that he doesn’t try to impress people. He keeps to himself and is as normal as they come. It seems that his low-key attitude will in fact help KStew remain grounded. If they stay together, they will shield one another from typical Hollywood, and their relationship might actually be spared.

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