Kristen Stewart and Ariana Grande Have Bizarre Interview

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Ariana Grande tried to interview Kristen Stewart during a Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere, but it, um, didn’t go quite as planned.

You see, Kristen pulled her old bored hipster/stoner act, and Ariana didn’t really know how to handle the obvious sarcasm being directed at her by the Twilight actress. Whoever sent the 19-year-old Nickelodeon star out there, to interview one of the biggest celebrities on the globe, made a giant error this time.

As usual, Kristen mumbles and holds the microphone away from her mouth, so absolutely no one can comprehend what she’s saying. Sitting across from the movie actress, Grande giggles and stumbles through a series of prepared questions.

Everyone knows that Stewart loves making reporters squirm with her snarkiness, but a real journalist would have played along with her act. This trend of celebrities interviewing other celebrities must end!

File:Kristen Stewart TIFF 2012.jpgThe Victorious star was a trouper, but she looked a bit flummoxed and at one point even offered a small apology. “They told me to ask this,” she explained to Kristen, after one of her inane pop culture and fashion queries. You can view the cringe-inducing sit-down at the Twilight premiere between Ariana Grande and Kristen Stewart here.

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