Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed Are Not Enemies

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Kristen Stewart may rely heavily upon Nikki Reed in Breaking Dawn Part 1 but are the girls enemies in real life? It’s a rumor that seems to pop up every now and again, especially around the time that the latest Twilight film is released. Despite reports that the actresses can’t stand each other, they actually get along just fine.
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Gossip Cop confirms that there is no such feud going on between Kristen and Nikki. The gals may not be best friends, but there definitely isn’t any tension between them. The original report suggested that Reed and KStew’s boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, had a fling, which is ridiculous in and of itself.

Stewart doesn’t seem to have too many enemies, but she also doesn’t seem to have too many close friends. Whenever she is out she is either with Pattinson or she is with other guys that she is friends with either from work or what have you. She is probably just one of those chicks who has more guy friends… and that works for her.

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