Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Believe in Eternal Love

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Kristen Stewart claims she is a believer in eternal love, just like her Twilight character Bella Swan. Robert Pattinson shares the same beliefs as his character Edward Cullen, and they are akin to Kristen and Bella’s. Do you suppose the two will wind up together for eternity the same as Edward and Bella in the upcoming Breaking Dawn?

According to Hollywood Life, both Kristen and Rob are romantics at heart and are strong believers in commKristen Stewart ? Robert Pattinsonitment. Do you suppose that commitment will cement the relationship the two Twilight stars have shared for quite some time now?

“I am sappy,” Stewart admits in a recent interview.

She claims to be a ‘romantic at heart.’ And there’s nothing wrong with that. Romance seems to have gone by the wayside for so many young couples these days. To see it alive and well is encouraging for timeless romantics of all ages.

And who can blame Kristen Stewart for being a timeless romantic, when she is in love with someone like Robert Pattinson? Rob admits to the timeless romantic label as well, so these two make an excellent couple–both on and off screen.

“I like the idea of people committing to one another for the rest of their lives, all of that,” Kristen Stewart says. “It is just nice to think that your version of love, and I am sure that everyone feels this way, is better than everyone else’s. It is the strongest that ever was and it is all between us.”

It certainly sounds like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have cornered the market on romance–doesn’t it? Do you suppose they’ll put their beliefs to good practice and enter into a commitment of eternal love–just like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan?

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