Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Totally Opposite, According to ‘Breaking Dawn’ Daughter

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may have seemed to be on the same page as a couple; they share many things, among them the same casual style (even wearing each other’s clothes!), a similar dedication to their fans, and perhaps even identical amounts of frustration with the paparazzi who intrude on their private lives. But it seems opposites also really do attract in this little romance gone wrong and now maybe righted, again, via their recent reconciliation.

Not only did Stewart and Pattinson prove they’re on different wavelengths when the actress cheated on her longtime boyfriend with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, their Breaking Dawn co-star, Mackenzie Foy, who plays their half-vampire daughter, Renesmee, also weighed in—except her insight was thankfully sans anything too scandalous or affair-driven. But she did dish on just how different these two actors’ personalities really are.

File:Edward Bella.PNG“Kristen is an incredibly hard worker,” Foy told Teen Vogue, as Hollywood Life reports. “And Rob is a big goofball.” Well, Pattinson has to have some serious dedication, too, but it certainly sounds like he knows how to work hard and play hard. Stewart’s drive and overwhelming passion may have actually been part of the problem and what got her into trouble with Sanders.

From Twilight to real life, it could be imagined that Robert Pattinson might be the easygoing parent—especially with a daughter—and Kristen Stewart the strict one (although she would probably allow sneakers with dresses!), should this pair actually stay together and one day start a family!

In the meantime, their on-screen daughter Ms. Foy surely had fun with two of the hottest “parents” on the Hollywood scene right now. No other young starlet can really say they’ve had Stewart and Pattinson as their mock mom and dad.

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