Kristen Stewart Apologizes to Twihards–Should Selena Gomez Take Notes?

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What do Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez have in common besides being young, beautiful, rich, and über famous? Both girls have boyfriends–Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber respectively–who are über famous teen idols. And as is often the case, both have received negative attention from their boyfriends’ fans. Sometimes the fans’ antipathy got pretty harsh. Selena Gomez actually received death threats from jealous Bieber fans. And La Stewart has admitted that “some Twi-hards hadn’t made her life easy especially those who don’t think she should have played Bella.” In a recent interview, Kristen apologized to Twi-hards all over the world. Should Selena Gomez try doing the same thing to the beliebers?

Yes, Kristen Stewart has finally apologized to Robert Pattinson’s Twi-hards for “stealing Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson from them.” And Stewart’s apology had better be a good one because it will have to do double duty. Not only does Bella Swan marry Edward in Breaking Dawn, but KStew’s real life romance with RPattz seems, after 4 years, to still be going strong. Ouch.

“Edward is such an icon,” waffled Kristen. “All I can say is ‘sorry’ to anyone who thinks I’m not Bella Swan. Really. I’m sorry for stealing Edward.”

KStew went on to explain that she understood the Twi-hards’ passionate devotion to their idol and why they also felt so strongly about her character.

“Girls, especially at a certain age, can be bullies. But I understand why. I understand their covetousness,” she explained, “I completely relate to that. But I love the book just as much as they do and share their protective urges toward it.”

Well, that may placate RPattz’s fans who are upset about her characterization of Bella Swan. Presumably the Twi-hards who are still angry about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hooking up in real life will just have to hang in and hope Robsten’s romance hits the skids.

But what about Selena Gomez who actually received death threats because of her romance with Justin Bieber? Would a similar apology help mollify the situation with Biebs’ fan base? Well, it certainly can’t hurt.

What do you think?

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