Kristen Stewart Birthday Celebration Revealed!

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Almost everyone has been wondering what Kristen Stewart did to celebrate her 21st birthday, and it looks like the mystery has been solved! KStew and her beau, Robert Pattinson, reportedly skipped out on a Breaking Dawn crew party to head out and do their own thing, but it’s now been revealed that the pair did attend the wrap party!

Kristen Stewart @ 2010 Academy Awards crop2PopSugar has exclusive photos of the pair in Vancouver, where RPattz and KStew partied the night away and smoked cigarettes outside of the venue. The pair also took turns getting on Taylor Lautner’s motorcycle, which you can clearly see in the photos. Everyone was able to keep the party so hush-hush that no one even knew that Stewart and Pattinson attended!

It’s very clear in the photos that Stewart, Pattinson, and Lautner were all at the Breaking Dawn party. They celebrated Stewart’s birthday with many members of the cast and crew and it looks like they had a blast!

It is great that they were able to keep their plans a secret as to not alarm the paparazzi, but don’t forget that Stewart and Pattinson are pros when it comes to keeping things private!

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